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September 12

Spirituality in Regard to Recovery

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Many people who enter treatment for addiction recovery are taken aback by the spiritual concepts normally associated with a recovery program. Others initially welcome the spiritual aspects, returning to a religious belief system they once were familiar with, as it instills a sense of hope for them. Still others view the 12-step program as a cult like movement. Others are atheists, and have trouble with any program that suggests they rely upon an unseen force or entity. This article will attempt to address these circumstances, as well as provide some spiritual beliefs that the reader may have been previously unfamiliar with. It will also focus on some of the similarities between religions of the world, spirituality, and the 12 …

September 6

Letting Go of Control As the Formula For Happiness

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It seems the more experience I gain in the field of psychotherapy, the more clients I interact with, the more I live my own life, the more I believe the attempt to inappropriately control events is at the core of unhappiness. The use of control is paradoxical: we believe taking control will bring us security and happiness, yet in many cases it causes unhappiness, anxiety, and malaise. In this article I will explain this premise, and support my observations with some findings regarding happiness.

I am often confronted with clients who have addiction problems, depression, marital issues, anxiety, and anger issues. It is my contention that these difficulties have a common thread: control.

Let’s start with depression. I have several clients …