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December 26

Just for Fun…The Tree

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Okay, I have a million things to do with the new semester approaching. But maybe I just want to play with my new toy right after Christmas a little bit. So, just for fun, what do those of you who choose to respond think the meaning of the tree in the banner is? Just a disclaimer, I don’t think I’m going to be informing anyone of analysis, not in this format. But it might be interesting to see what others see, or interpret, from a tree on a therapist, (and psychology lover’s) website.


December 25

Anger Management from a Passionate Guy

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Whenever I tell others that as a therapist I teach anger management, the response is often similar. They usually range from “really, you teach anger management?” to the sarcastic, “yeah, that’s appropriate” followed by some laughter. Once in a while I get a more enlightened response suggesting I look like I used to have an anger management problem. I have to admit, I’m not the stereotypical anger management facilitator. For one, I probably don’t have the look expected. But more importantly, I am a passionate individual. I raise my voice when excited, and have been known to joke about “choking the life” out of some types of drivers. Of course I would never do this, and can’t even remember the …

December 24

Welcome to

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So this is my site.  My previous articles have been added to the database for viewing and commenting on the articles page.  Soon some of my PowerPoint presentation slides will be added. And I plan on blogging occasionally as well. If you’d like to respond just click on “comments” under the title (to the right).

I hope you all enjoy what you see and I encourage discussion!  Thank you for checking out

December 9

Illegally Used Prescription Medication Risks

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Recently we have had several clients present for psychotherapy treatment who are court stipulated to a drug program because of drug charges. Of course this is no surprise. But what is surprising is the level of charges and the clients we are seeing. For example, one of our clients could be confused with just about any other hockey mom (perhaps a recent exception). She is white, upper middle class, college educated, and working in a professional position. And although she has drug trafficking charges, which are a felony, the drugs she had in her possession were for private use and were prescription (of course she didn’t have a prescription). What is even more surprising is that she didn’t even …