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January 26

Slumdog Millionaire

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This weekend I saw the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” Initially it arose as an option as my girlfriend wanted to see a movie. As she is a kind and caring person, she was willing to forgo dragging me to “Bride Wars” so that I might find some enjoyment in the movie as well. (Although I offered to allow her to do that so I might play the same card at a future date, likely for the new Quentin Tarantino movie expected later this year). But the options seemed rather meager. My friend had suggested Gran Torino or Yes Man. Neither interested me much beyond a rental, and I certainly didn’t want her to think I played my card for one of …

January 17


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I recently read this article in time magazine about happiness being contagious. As a therapist, I’ve held the belief that the goal of therapy is individual happiness. I’ve also held the belief it is difficlut to be happy when surrounded by negative energy. This article, supported by research, says having friends who are happy helps your happiness. Maybe you’ll find the article helpful.,9171,1865960,00.html

January 16

Faith and Sports

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I read an interesting article about faith in sports (especially as the Eagles are playing the Cardinals this weekend). If you are interested its at:
Hopefully the Eagles have faith they can beat the Cardinals.
Recently, when the Phillies were playing the Rays in the world series, I figured the Rays (formally known as the Devil Rays) would win. This was because I believe the city of Philadelphia (where I am from) relishes in being sports losers (comparable to the Red Sox of old). Its almost as if it added to their tough image. I guess my point is, in line with many of books that suggest the same (The Secret being the most recent) you attract what you believe. And …

January 8

New Year’s Resolutions

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Every year, millions of people (Okay, I’m guessing here, I don’t have actual statistics) formulate New Year’s resolutions. And this can be a very positive thing. In reality, a New Year’s resolution is just a fancy, and timely, setting of a goal to improve one’s state of being.
I have my own set of goals to accomplish this year. Some are self improvement oriented, and others are career oriented, and some overlap. Although we are only a week into the new year, I have been evaluating how well I think I am doing. I have noted some times I fell short of the short-term goal (or objective, as we in the field prefer to call them). The most important thing in …