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March 29

A Therapist, A Bad Day, and a Meditation

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This first paragraph is sort of an editorial to what follows. And actually, I guess the blog portion of what follows in an introduction to a meditation. But I digress, so back to the editorial:
When I started this site, I envisioned it as a place to put my articles, make some comments on things going on that had a psychological tone, and have discussions. The later part isn’t what I envisioned yet, but that’s ok. My point here is that for this entry, I’m not looking for comments that are reassuring. Those who know me the best know that’s not really me. I don’t want a bunch of people asking what’s wrong, or telling me positive things to boost my …

March 24

Hints on Choosing the Right Clinician

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About a month ago, one of the sites I have been published on sent a mass email to clinicians who write asking for short submissions focused on “Finding the Right Clinician.” Most of the article that follows is from that submission, although they did not select it. But I’m adding this introduction to discuss an experience that both added too and supports my suggestions.
On Monday, March 23, 2009, I spoke to a psychology class at a local high school. It was actually four classes, all with the same teacher. Basically, I spent the day there, talking a little about what I do, and then answering their questions. The teacher discussed how much she likes therapy, and how it …

March 22

Dishonesty and “I Love You Man”

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I’d like to return to the discussion of students cheating, or as I’m now referring to it: dishonesty. I saw “I Love You Man” this weekend. One of the characters is described as “refreshingly honest.” First, the movie is hilarious, and I highly recommend it. Second, I believe we need more people in the world that are honest. Much of the hilarity of the movie was about the honesty, and viewers thinking “what the hell is he doing being honest like that?”
I’m concerned that many have come to believe that dishonesty is a much better path to getting what you want than just being honest and allowing things to unfold in their own way.

In my blog I reference …

March 18

A friends blog

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I’ve checked in on a friend’s blog a few times recently, and wanted to offer the site to some of my readers. She makes some excellent observations, and today she discussed Deepak Chopra and some of his thoughts.
I hope you find some of her stuff as interesting as I do.

March 11


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I read this article on MSN today about students cheating:
(Yes, I know its from a page called “Mom’s Homeroom” and I assure you I don’t frequent the site).
I was likely drawn to it as I have suspected several of my college students of cheating this semester.
The article talks about the overwhelmingly high numbers of students who admit in a survey that they have cheated. And what’s more, they don’t feel much guilt about it.
I’m wondering if we are as a culture moving in a direction of “the ends justifies the means,” which results in doing whatever it takes to make things easier and more profitable.
It seems all you have to do when caught is express remorse, and all is …