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April 28


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Originally this article was entitled “Being Happy.” But “Being” seems more appropriate. We are caught in an endless strive to be happy. We want to increase our pleasure and decrease our negative emotions. This article will discuss ways to accomplish this, while at the same time not neglecting the emotions we are less comfortable with.

There are many articles describing what it takes to be happy. Recently there was a simple article on MSN’s website about “9 Things You Can Do To Be Happy In the Next 30 Minutes.” And there is good advice there: exercise, accomplish a nagging task; learn something new, act happy to be happy, or reach out to someone you haven’t been in contact with …

April 17

Creativity and Genius

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A friend posted this video on facebook about creativity. It features the author of “Eat,Pray, Love” Elizabeth Gilbert discussing creative genius. It is an excellent video, and I highly recommend that anyone reading this make time to watch it. A link is posted at the end of this blog.

I have never read “Eat, Love, Pray” nor do I have any desire to, even after watching the video. But her talk makes so much sense, and I relate to it in many ways. She discusses how creativity comes, how one copes with its passing, or reaching heights that may never be attained again. And in brief, she discusses the ancient belief that genius comes from without, enters you, and moves on. …

April 5

Death and Taxes

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This weekend I saw “Sunshine Cleaning.” Do not worry, I wont give anything away. But, as a recommendation, I say wait for the video. Although it was made by the same folks that made “Little Miss Sunshine” it is just not as funny.
This isn’t to say it isn’t a good movie; it is pretty good, especially with interpretation. But I see no reason to rush out and see it in the theater. It will be out on video soon enough.

In this blog I’d like to discuss the movie in a general way, and its relation to therapy.
The movie is about death. If you haven’t read the synopsis, it’s about two sisters with a difficult relationship who start up …