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May 31

Now You’re Really Living

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I recently got turned onto a band called “Eels.” (despite their being mainstream since 1996). They are described as Alternative Pop / Rock, Post Grunge, or Adult Alternative Pop /Rock (the last of which I never heard of). Although you may have never heard of them, you likely have heard their music in movies such as “Yes Man,” “Shrek,” “American Beauty,” “Knocked Up,” “Holes,” ”Hot Fuzz,”  or “Hell Boy II.” Many of their songs reference death or discuss the pain inherent in life. Some have a sardonic tone. But one, in its description by Wikipedia (I know, not a great reference) is a “reflect the worldview of a man …

May 24

Rumi: The Guest House

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Photo by Alexi Berry

 Photo by Alexi Berry

Rumi was a Sufi poet (Sufism is an Islamic Mysticism) who lived in the 1200’s. Believe it or not, he has been the biggest selling poet in the United States several times (despite being dead since 1273). Although I am not one who has read a great deal of poetry, I have been interested in the Spiritual for a long time. Rumi is known as a Spiritual Poet, as Sufis attempt to experience the spiritual in the present. As such, I was introduced to some of his poetry and ideas a few years ago. I purchased a book called “The Essential Rumi” and …

May 16

The Psychopathology of Normal

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Alexi Berry

  “What we call normal in psychology is really a psychopathology of the average, so undramatic and so widely spread that we don’t even notice it ordinarily.” This is a quote by Abraham Maslow, the theorist who gave us the idea of the hierarchy of needs (once your basic needs are met you begin to seek higher needs) and the idea of self-actualization.

Maslow’s point is that being normal, being average, although normally perceived as okay, is pathology. Pathology can be simply defined as disease or sickness. The free online dictionary’s definition of psychopathology is “The study of the …