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September 27

Death and Motivation.

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I recently talked about death again to a group of students. This time I was covering developmental psychology in my Introduction to Psychology class. The text we are using this semester talks about the stages of grieving when one knows they are dying. In preparing the exam there was a question about why people don’t report having fear about death. The text discussed how a great many people say they do not have a fear of death. The text discussed how this is often a result of denying the real meaning of death. I take some joy in …

September 25

Is Life Just a Test?

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Some people get through life while living the saying “ignorance is bliss”, often without even knowing they are doing it. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are not one of those people. Quite a few years ago a young man residing in the treatment center where I was working as a tech commented how great it was my mind worked as it did. This came after many a long discussion on the overnight shift. I replied that my mind working like it does is also a curse. That is how I feel right now: although …

September 19

The Yin and Yang of it All

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There is a Seinfeld episode where Jerry discovers he is “Even Steven”. (I can relate nearly everything in life to a Seinfeld or Family Guy episode). Basically whatever happens to Jerry balances out moments later. He loses twenty dollars out of a window, and then finds twenty dollars in his pants pocket.

This balance is the essence of Taoism, and its representation in the Yin and Yang symbol. It is also a functioning factor in my life. I believe in balance. I believe in striving for balance in my life. I believe it is healthy for others …

September 6

What Being a Therapist Means to Me

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I generally consider myself a pretty open person and in this blog I’d like to discuss what it means to me to be a therapist. I suppose the best place for me to start is with why I am so astounded at times at where I am.

I come from a middle class, working class family. I never knew my biological father. Rumor has it he was an addict or alcoholic, and likely a criminal. If I saw him in my practice and if what has been told to me about him is true, he may have been diagnosed with …