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October 25


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I wanted to take a minute to talk about opinions. Perhaps it is because I’m reading so many papers this weekend and seeing “in my opinion” written so many times (it took me quite a few papers to learn that phrase has no place in a research paper as well). Perhaps it is that first Philosophy course I took that discussed how discourse has changed in the age of television, which affected me so deeply. Perhaps it is the criminal justice course I am currently teaching in which the text shatters the myths about the justice system. Perhaps a friend’s question about my opinion on Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize spurred me on. Or maybe it was the …

October 15

Prescription Meds

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Today I’ve had a few cancellations, so while catching up on some of the more menial tasks I am responsible for, I perused the internet. On MSN’s homepage was an article called “There is a Pill for That“. I read it, and there is some interesting data about pharmaceutical advertising.
Recently a friend sent me a video on a similar subject, which is a documentary about the pharmaceutical companies making a lot of money at the expense of those with mental illness. I haven’t watched it yet, and find the subject to be a difficult one. Working in the field of psychology I see many people helped …

October 10

The Nobel Peace Prize

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Most who know me well know that I rarely comment on politics and tend to stay uninvolved. I have my personal reasons for this, and do not believe this is the forum to discuss them. But there has been a great deal of discussion this week about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Along with some of my peers I believe it was a bit premature. But this article from the Chicago Tribune offers an interesting perspective.