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November 26

Unconditional Love

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In my line of work there is a decent amount of discussion of unconditional love. Many believe it to be the ultimate in love, unparalleled to any other type. Many believe it to be the healthiest form of love.

First, it is my contention that the general way people discuss it, is not unconditional love. It is another overused, misunderstood term. In fact many terms which are referred to in psychology and that have become part of the English vernacular are misused and misunderstood. But they are for other articles. This article will concern itself only with unconditional love.

Carl Rogers (a renowned psychiatrist who developed Person Centered …

November 22


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I have long held the theory that altruism does not exist. I believe all acts are selfish, or possibly better phrased, self serving.

I was recently talking to a friend and I modified my theory. I believe altruism does exist, but is so rare that what we often think of as altruism is not even close. I struggle to think of one person I think is truly altruistic. Maybe Carl Rogers (I saw the man do therapy on tape, and it was grueling, but totally client centered. But then again, I don’t know how he was in his personal life.) Some say Mother Teresa was a Saint, and, thereby …

November 14

Disrespecting Marriage

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gay marriage

I suppose this is a good topic to follow my last blog on opinions, as it is my opinion on gay marriage. Well, maybe it’s not my opinion on gay marriage as much as it is my opinion of the right not to “respect” the sanctity of marriage.

If you’ve read my stuff in the past, you know that for the majority of the population, I believe marriage is an outdated concept. Recently I have been talking to a friend who has similar views of marriage, and joking about our lack of respect for the institution.

Then this morning while driving to the office I thought about those …