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December 31

How was your New Year?

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Art by Alexi Berry

I figured I’d start with this question, which, according to my experience is one often asked of me for the first few weeks of the new year. And when I answer mindfully I reply “I don’t know, it just started.” I suppose my point is that although I am usually being asked about that one day / night we delineate to celebrate, I believe we should review the year, look at what has been accomplished, and set goals for the near future (the coming year). As this “old year” comes to a close, it is my intention to …

December 24

The Reason for the Season

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xmas palm

On this Christmas Eve, I’d like to address “The Reason for the Season”. First, I am not Christian any longer (not for many years). But I enjoy Christmas as much as most I think. And in this quick blog I’d like to discuss why.

First, I’m not sure if many are aware that Christmas has its roots as a pagan holiday. In ancient cultures this time of year (late December through early January) was recognized as a celebration of various Gods and Goddesses. This celebration generally included feasting and gift giving. The Christian religion has often taken pagan holidays and given them their religious meaning. As such, …

December 23


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Art by Alexi Berry

For weeks I have been talking about writing an article on attraction. It is one of my favorite topics in psychology. I often catch myself looking at couples and wondering why they are together, what their relationship is like. When I meet new couples I ask how they met. And of course I analyze my attraction to anyone I date, and even those I just find myself attracted to.

Most people would like to attribute attraction to some mystical force that brings people together. Even I do not want to completely deny the existence of some type of synchronicity in …

December 10

My Workbook

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Cover art by Alexi Berry

Some of you are aware I wrote, with a colleague, a workbook for addiction treatment. Up until now I have only used it with my clients. But recently I decided to  make it available on my website while pursuing a publisher to make it available on a larger scale.
So here it is.

December 3

Tiger Woods Public Image

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I just wanted to blog briefly about Tiger Woods recent issues in his marriage and with the media. It is predominately because of what is being said. It is partly because of the outrage I feel towards those that are condemning him, tossing stones, and behaving as if they don’t live in glass houses.
Honestly, I think Jason Whitlock discusses it best, and I again refer my readers to his article. In his article Jason Whitlock says “This isn’t about Tiger being a spokesman for major companies. He replaced Michael Jordan as the top product pitchman because he’s the greatest golf champion we’ve ever seen. If a …