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January 30

Maybe I’m getting Old

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Maybe I’m just getting old. Not since my twenties have I found myself feeling so disrespected by those younger. In fact, I have made it a point not to be so hung up on respect. Let me start with my late twenties.
In my late twenties I began working in the field of substance abuse, basically as a mental health technician at an adolescent rehabilitation center (for those uninitiated in this terminology, that’s simply a glorified babysitter. I would make sure they brushed their teeth, went to the required activities, went, and stayed in bed). I would talk to them when they had a crisis, and this was the beginning of my counseling career. One of my predominant feelings during …

January 24

Attitude and “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

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Recently I was driving with my sons and I allowed my oldest to choose the CD we would listen to. He chose “Darkness on the Edge of Town” by Bruce Springsteen. After a song or two I asked him if he was depressed, because that CD is particularly dark (although much of Springsteen is similar). He replied that he was not at all. I discussed with him the fact that I know most of the words because I used to listen to Springsteen non-stop. I reminisced about how in my late twenties I ran into a girl I dated briefly at 18, and as the light bulb …

January 18

Escaping or Embracing Life

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Photo by Alexi Berry

A recent topic in my groups has been whether group members are escaping or embracing life. It is difficult to differentiate at times which an individual might be doing. It is my contention that in a large number of cases it is more about the attitude than the activity.

The group where we have been having this discussion is for substance abusers. Recently I wrote a chapter in the book I’m working on about harm reduction and used a similar group as an example for that phenomenon. The reason I used that group as an example is because some …

January 8

Parenting and Addiction

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Photo from an early draft of Path to Recovery Workbook cover by Alexi Berry

As many of you know, I have been working on a book combining my education as a therapist, my experience in the field of addiction, and some personal experience to create a book about addiction recovery. You may also remember I recently promised to begin providing some excerpts from it in this new year. This is the first. I wrote this recently when finishing a chapter on family therapy. Although it addresses what a parent of someone addicted might …