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March 17

Is John Mayer a “Player”, or a Casualty of Common Male Thinking?

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Recently I was lucky enough to attend a John Mayer concert. As I was excited about it, I mentioned it to quite a few people. In response to my enthusiasm two of my clients and several of my students remarked that they didn’t like him. Curious, I inquired as to why. The response that those who disliked him gave related to his behavior in regard to women, not to his musical talent. I have to admit I think I relate to John Mayer. As my latest attempt at a committed relationship has come to an end I will discuss why …

March 10

The Old Man

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Artwork by Alexi Berry

Story by Wm. Berry with Very Special Thanks to Belinda Paez for Editing

He stood and looked out over the ocean. He loved the water, the sand, and the memories it brought back; memories of fishing in the Delaware Bay with his grandfather and memories of his youth.   That was all so long ago.  His grandfather had died some thirty years before.  He himself was now a grandfather, but there had been no more fishing trips. He hadn’t done that since his grandfather died. It seemed it couldn’t be that long ago. Time had moved too quickly.  And now, time …

March 2

Review: “The Schopenhauer Cure”

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Special thanks to the editor of this review.

Most who have taken a psychology theories class in college have heard of therapist Irvin Yalom. He is one of the leading writers on Existential Therapy. His book “The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy” is owned (because it is required reading) by every therapist I know with a graduate degree. Not only is Yalom the master therapist that I most respect but he’s become one of my favorite authors, and more so after reading his fictional novel, The Schopenhauer Cure.
The Schopenhauer Cure centers on a therapist that finds out …