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May 26

A Meditative Experience

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Many therapists advocate the practice of meditation for their clients. The benefits of meditation have been well documented in articles and books. Meditation can assist an individual in controlling their breath, which helps to reduce anxiety by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. There are also chemical reactions in the brain observed in fMRIs which activate parts of the brain associated with relaxation. There has even been some documentation on lasting changes in the brains of those who meditate regularly.

Another way meditation is helpful is through distancing the individual from their thinking. Most therapists, at the very least, will focus to some extent …

May 21

May, Thoughts for…

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22. First you try to meditate and after a while you become meditative. J.Kleykamp

I wanted to bring “May is for Metta” to a close with a quote on meditation. I have discussed how beneficial I have found a return to sitting meditation to be to me. I have also said I plan on continuing it. Several year ago I was practicing a mindful sitting meditation pretty regularly. I had an experience I can not begin to describe. It was blissful.  I continued the sitting meditation for a short time, …

May 15

Is God becoming Feminine?

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I am finishing a book called “The God part of the Brain” (review to follow). In it the author offers a quote by Freud: “God is the exalted father, and the longing for the father is the root of all religion.” The purpose of this article is not to debate the root of religion. When I read this my thoughts went to the recent views of God I have heard and seen. There is a Shaggy song and a Richie Sambora song that ask if God is a woman. There is a Lou Bega song and a speech by Jon Bon Jovi that claims …