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April 29

April, Thoughts for…

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29. I’ve seen the nations rise and fall.
I’ve heard their stories, heard them all.
but love’s the only engine of survival.
Leonard Cohen ~ The Future

28. All this death must need a counterweight, always someone born again

First a mother bathes her child then the other way around
The Scales always find a way to level out.
Bright Eyes, If The Brakeman Turns My Way

27. Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts. John Wooden

26. Just as we need all of our organs in order to be whole and functioning, so too must we accept all emotions as part of the cohesive and …

April 22

As Good As It Gets: Happiness In Present Orientation

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My latest blog for Psychology Today is here!

April 14

Coping With Secondhand Drinking/Drugging Wires Coping Skills As Well

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The following is a guest post from Lisa Frederiksen. Lisa Frederiksen works in addiction, substance abuse, and secondhand drinking/drugging education, prevention, and intervention. She is the author of If You Loved Me, You’d Stop! and Loved One In Treatment? Now What! and the blog,

In previous posts, such as: “How Teens Can Become Alcoholics Before Age 21,” I’ve written about how the brain’s developmental processes from ages 12 – 25 make a person’s brain especially vulnerable to developing a problem with alcohol abuse, even alcoholism.

The same is true of wiring coping skills for dealing with a family member’s substance abuse and/or substance addiction (alcohol or drugs); in other words, wiring skills to cope with secondhand drinking/drugging (SHDD) — coping …