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May 31

May, Thoughts For…

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31. Worship and it will not be augmented. Ignore it and it will not be diminished. Deng Ming Dao

This is my final quote in the purely Taoist rant I have been on. Taoism will always be appear occasionally (or more) throughout my Thoughts for… segment though…

30. The dynamic nature of their philosophy (Tao & Zen) laid more stress upon the process through which perfection was sought than upon perfection itself. Kakuzo Okakura

29. Taoism is neither formal religion or structured philosophy. Tao: Sacred Symbols

28. Tao follows no fixed rules. Huai Nun Tzu

27. I came across this explanation of the meditative / spiritual path toward enlightenment the other day …

May 17

Where I am At

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I haven’t written anything that reflects a personal look within lately. Maybe it is because I need to be more professional for Psychology Today. Maybe finding time for writing is generally tougher. Maybe right now I just have too much time on my hands teaching only one course and having a smaller caseload of clients. Whatever the reason, I thought I’d do some reflecting on where I am currently.

I guess I’ll start with the writing. I probably haven’t been writing enough, especially on the book(s). Most of my writing has focused on Psychology Today, and producing the best articles for them I can. It has been a lot …

May 11

Were The Hippies Right?

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My latest article for Psychology Today is here.

I wanted to provide a little backstory to why I wrote this one. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working on being a more loving person. A while ago I wrote the quote “Is there any human ailment for which more love is not an effective intervention? I have come to find in therapy that often the most effective intervention is unconditional positive regard. As I say in the article, although the solution is simple (more love) it is not always easy to apply.

Thanks for reading.