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January 28

Does Diagnosing Occur To Make The Clinician Comfortable?

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This is my latest post for Psychology Today which you can read here.

January 19

People Tell Themselves Stories and Then Pour Their Lives Into the Stories They Tell: or, The End of the Thoughts For…

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The quote above, credited to “Anonymous” in the Interpersonal Communication Text I use to teach the course at Nova, is quite a profound thought. I’ve used it in the “Thoughts For…” section of my blog. I have decided to put that section to rest. This blog will discuss why and how it relates to the quote above, as well as what else is going on in my life leading to that decision.

I debated on whether to write this, and on how much to disclose. I am a therapist and adjunct professor, and as such, am supposed to keep a professional image. That, along with how writing might affect others, combining …

January 1

The Passing of a Year and The Passing Of Your Life

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My latest post for Psychology Today, about how our New Year customs mirror existential thought, can be read here.