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February 17

Love and Relationships Presentation

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These are the slides (minus some media) from my presentation on February 13th, 2012. The songs listed were played, and there was some minimal ┬ádiscussion of their meaning. The presentation focused on definitions of love, sexual attitudes and the importance of communication and closeness, and on making relationships work. Below is the suggested reading page, which offers online personality tests related to the topic as well as books and articles related to the material in the slides. Additionally, the presentation made the front page of the FIU paper “The Beacon”, and it is shown. Hopefully this is information is helpful.

February 12

Why You Really Want To Get Married

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This is my latest article for Psychology Today, just in time for Valentines Day!! Read it here!

February 2

Love And Relationships Lecture

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Like, Dr. Phil, except without the southern accent, pompous self-aggrandizement, and with more obvious self loathing.

Sort of like Lindsay Lohan providing advice on how to remain abstinent from substances.

Basically, me describing theories explaining how I have screwed up relationships so when you do you can say, “Oh, that’s what Berry meant!”