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November 23

Review: Icarus of Brooklyn

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About three weeks ago I was contacted by the publicist for the book “Icarus Of Brooklyn” and asked if I’d like to review it for my website. I had reviewed the author’s earlier work, “God Part Of The Brain”. You can read that review here. I was flattered to be asked, and, after telling him he likely made a mistake because I am not read by that many people, I assured him if he wanted to send me a copy I would certainly read and review it. I received a digital copy of the book the next day. (This was both shocking and a little disappointing, as anyone …

November 22

Why Don’t I Just Shut Up, The Extended Version

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Recently I wrote, “Why Don’t I just Shut Up?” for my Psychology Today blog. For PT, I have to write more professionally, and less personally. There were things I thought of putting in that post that I opted to leave out. Hopefully you’ve already read that post. (If not, click here). This one will discuss my mindset and where inside me the post came from. (Ironic, Right?! Writing more about shutting up…) A few things led to me wanting to add this:
First, I’ve been interested in supplying underlying thought in the past, likely partly due to wanting people to “get me”, and …