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December 31

New Year’s Eve

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When I first started at Psychology Today I wrote a post about self improvement for New Year’s Eve, called “A Guide To Enlightened Living For The Lazy“. The next year I wrote about realizing life is limited and its importance to moving forward with goals and self-improvement in “The Passing Of A Year And The Passing Of Your Life“. As this is the majority of what I write about, I have nothing different to say for New Year’s Eve. Instead I wish everyone the best, and hope you work to make this year better than …

December 29

A Violent Culture

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This will more than likely be a rambling than any concise thought. But I think I’ve reached my maximum threshold.

I do not watch the news, as it focuses on and breeds negativity. Generally speaking, there is little on the news that affects anyone directly. It simply reports the horrors, which garner ratings, which bring us to their advertisers. What will affect me (hurricanes, etc.) I will hear about one way or another. I don’t want to feed into their propaganda about how horrible the world is.

There is a tremendous amount of good in the world. People helping people. And yes, unfortunately, there is also a lot of bad.I guess this run, which I’ve been unable to avoid, began with Sandy …

December 16

Authentic Personal Growth

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This is my latest post for Psychology Today. (Read it here). It was very hard to follow up “Why Don’t I Just Shut Up” with anything at all, but hopefully it clears up some loose ends in recent posts.