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January 26

Life Lessons From The Male Member

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You can read my latest for Psychology Today here.

January 13

Happy Days

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Most of my writing focuses on being happier. Overall I consider myself a happy person. But I have bouts of depression, and there was a time in my life I identified myself as a depressed person, and found happiness fleeting at best. So how does one get to be happy?

I wish I had a generic answer that would help everyone. I help my clients discover what might make them happier, and of course offer some generic suggestions for trial as we go. But this post will focus on my Now: what is working for me, and why.

First I’d like to talk about what isn’t responsible for my happiness, though most might …

January 3

A Personal Perspective on “Consciously Creating Your Relationships”

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I’ve wanted to write a little more personally again. My last Psychology Today article, “Consciously Creating Your Relationship” lends itself to the opportunity to speak more personally about that topic. After all, most of my writing is based on my experience. And I’ve been around relationships quite a bit.

When I was a young man, despite my anti-social behavior (antisocial in its true sense, against society) I still carried the idea of marriage and happily (or perhaps not so happily, but married nonetheless) ever after. This was obvious because as soon as I got my act together (or within a reasonable facsimile of together) I moved toward marriage, children, and a white picket fence.

This was the image I had …

January 3

A Happy Death

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A pleasant read, with plenty of existential ideas. Not nearly as good as “The Stranger” though.

January 3

Review: The Conquest Of Happiness

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Excellent book on becoming more happy. I love his writing style, his philosophical outlook, and his suggestions for what makes a happy life. Well written. The only drawback is dated language. I still highly recommend this book from one of philosophy’s great thinkers.