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April 28

Buddha’s Brain

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I’m not sure who I am writing this review for. Just about everyone who knows me or has come in contact with me recently has heard me speak of the wonders of this book. I’ve recommended it to all of my students, all of my friends, most of my clients (if they are receptive to this type of reading) and have used some of the techniques and education in therapy.
This book was recommended to me by a student. As I had watched some of Rick Hansen’s videos on YouTube, I was a bit arrogant and felt I had the knowledge necessary and didn’t need to read the book. Besides, I had …

April 28

Existentialism is Humanism

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As someone who loves Existential philosophy, I felt reading some of Sartre’s work was essential. Though this was touted an easy read, I often found it cumbersome. I prefer Camus by far, but feel somewhat proud I was able to get a differing viewpoint. Admittedly, my love for Camus’ “The Stranger” also led to the purchase of this copy, as Sartre critiques that book in this volume as well.
Overall, the positive feeling I have for reading the book comes more from a sense of accomplishment than anything gained.

April 28

Peace Is Every Step

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Excellent book on mindfulness. I used the short readings as fuel for my daily meditations. I still prefer Jon Kabat-Zinn’s, “Wherever You Go, There You Are”, but if you read that this is a good follow-up.

April 20

You’re Unimportant; But it Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Happy

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