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December 25

Why Does the Heart Want What it Wants

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Artwork by Alexi Berry Artwork by Alexi Berry

Many romanticize attraction, but perhaps there are psychological explanations.

Read the Psychology Today post here. 

December 23

Review: The Power of Now

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The book, “The Power of Now” and I have much more of a history than simply my reading of it from October through December. The book was at the height of its popularity between 2008 and 2011. It seemed everyone who knew me told me I “had to read it” from that point on. Those that really know me (which now includes all of you I guess) knows that’s the best way to get me not to do something. (If I can just spend a minute on this, most told me I needed to read it because I was talking to them about being in the moment, being Zen, or mindfulness. …