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January 25

Mindful Arguing

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Artwork by Alexi Berry Artwork by Alexi Berry

Arguing with a loved one doesn’t have to be wrought with emotion.

Read the Psychology Today post here.

January 10

Review: 10% Happier

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My daughter bought me this book for Christmas (or Festivus, as we like to call it). She had read it after I bought her, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, and she enjoyed his discussion of mindfulness and meditation, as well as his take on some of the gurus in that area (Tolle, Chopra, Epstein, The Dalai Lama). She thought I might also enjoy it, and I did.

As a result of traveling I finished the book much quicker than most (I started it on the 12/29 and finished 1/10/16). It wasn’t just a result of traveling, however, as I had brought other books I was reading. It was a result …