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May 31

Review: The Five Love Languages

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I generally shy away from books everyone tells me to read, maybe some defiance left over from childhood. But I couldn’t ignore the amount of couple’s therapy clients asking me if I read it. I didn’t want to remain ignorant, so I did.

The theory is sound. There are 5 “Love Languages” or ways in which people feel loved by a partner. Most of us try to show love the way we feel loved, and that doesn’t work if your partner feels loved one of the other four ways (80% chance of failing, in other words). Learn to show love the way your partner feels loved, and, well, it’s that simple. The …

May 27

Review: Don’t be a Jerk

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I found this an excellent book. Perhaps it’s because much of what Brad Warner wrote I agree with, or believe, or have picked up in other books about Zen. Perhaps some of my fondness for the book comes from his shattering of the Zen Master image (though he would never call himself such…but the back-cover of the next of his books I will read does… Zen koan or publisher choice?). He takes what is reputed as a tough sacred text (Dogen’s Shobogenzo) cuts through some of the nonessentials, and presents it in modern language. This makes for a more entertaining (and sometimes awakening) read.

Much of what Warner interprets from Dogen is …

May 19

The Psychology of Enlightenment

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The act of seeking enlightenment can help you psychologically.

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