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June 19

Transcending Romantic Love

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Romantic love is an evolutionary based ego-trick, and leads to suffering.

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June 19

Review: The Spinoza Problem

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As many who read my reviews know, I am a huge fan of Irvin Yalom. I’ve read nearly every published book he’s written, both scholarly and fictional. I was excited to read “The Spinoza Problem”.

Like some of his other books (When Nietzsche Wept, The Schopenhauer Cure) Yalom weaves in this tale therapy and philosophy. In this he alternates chapters about Nazi Germany and Spinoza’s excommunication from the Jewish community. The two are tied together because of the great many German thinkers who respected Spinoza’s writing. This caused a problem for Rosenberg, a Nazi war criminal, who believed Jews had nothing to offer.

I enjoyed learning about Spinoza’s philosophy through the book. Yalom …