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August 31

Review- Still Here

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still here

I purchased this book because of the title. I had read “Be Here Now” (see the review here) and, though it was a bit bizarre, I recommended it. I also said in that recommendation, I should probably read some more of his current work. So this title fit the bill.

It took me about 9 months to read the book. I read many in between starting and finishing it, and generally felt it just didn’t grab me the way the others did (two Zen books, a Buddhist book, a text on dreaming, a Yalom novel, a book on mindfulness, another book on training your mind, and a book on …

August 21

A Verbose Argument for Silence

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verbose silence

Read my Psychology Today Post here.

August 1

Review: Our Dreaming Mind

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Our Dreaming Mind

Interestingly, my ex-girlfriend bought me this book years ago because of my interest in dream interpretation. Though interested in reading it, I didn’t prioritize it until I was granted permission to teach, “The Psychology of Dreams and Dreaming” at FIU this summer. The book just happened to be the same the other professor who teaches it uses. Either quite a coincidence, or perhaps it has some merit in the field. Admittedly I didn’t read it all, and only skimmed some of the chapters. After all, one rarely teaches the whole textbook. But I read the vast majority.

The text, though last published in 1994, has a very 70’s feel to …