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December 28

Review- Elephants on Acid

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I picked this book up on a recommendation from a student. The title is certainly catchy, and as it is full of odd (and some amazing) experiments, I thought it’d be an interesting read.

It is definitely interesting. Some of the experiments are downright sick (he goes back in time a bit, when we had less understanding of science, or maybe even morals). There are several headings in the book, and he categorizes experiments under them (for example, some of the most disturbing are under the heading, “Frankenstein’s Lab”).  Other categories include: “Bedtime Stories”, “Mating Behavior”, “Oh, Baby!” and “The End”.

What I liked most about this book was learning more about experiments …

December 27

Review-Sex, Sin, and Zen

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I bought this book for someone a year ago, based on a line I read in it while flipping through it. The line had something to do with even the staunchest vegans taking lives, by eating a living thing called a vegetable. A little later in my perusing there was something else that made me think this was the perfect book for her. At the time I was looking at it, I didn’t even realize the same author as one of my all time favorite Zen books, Hardcore Zen, wrote it. When I realized it, not feeling I needed any help applying Zen to sexuality, I looked for other books by …

December 20

Of Course You’re Depressed

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depressed Art Credit Alexi Berry

Depression, even as a mental healthdiagnosis, is considered one of the most common mental health disorders. If you include people that have bouts of depressive symptoms and generally just don’t consider themselves happy or satisfied in life, the frequency soars. Depression is so common that anti-depressants are the fastest growing class of drugs and the second most common medication prescribed in the United States. Many who are prescribed anti-depressants do not have a psychiatric diagnosis, but report symptoms of depression to their primary care physician (Stone, …

December 19

Review: Love and Will

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I started reading this book in June, along with a couple of others. I want to learn as much about love as I can, and considering I teach some of May’s thoughts on it, I figured this was a good choice. It was definitely the tougher of the reads I’ve done lately. I’ve found books by great thinkers of era’s ago are difficult for me. Maybe writing has been watered down to a point where even with a graduate degree more eloquently written arguments seem cumbersome.

Whatever the case may be, May’s book is well written. Like a philosopher he lays out his argument against the freewheeling sex “for release” of the …