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March 19

It Is What It Is

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“It is what it is,” has been a popular statement for some time. Its origins are somewhat obscure, though it’s traced back to a first appearance in print in 1949. (Quotes). Often it is said with a tone of disdain. However, “it is what it is” is an enlightened approach to living.

I’ve written a great deal about acceptance and its role in a happier life (see “Acceptance: It isn’t What You Think”). Acceptance is a major tenet of Eastern thought, which promotes a more conscious and accepting way of living. Acceptance is about letting go of the idea that something should be different than it is. This isn’t just resignation. That …

March 9

Review- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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I bought this book on the recommendation of a close friend. She said it sounded like my philosophy, and that I might like it. She knows me really well, so I trusted her judgement. I loved the title, and went to get it at a bookstore within a day or two. I paid over $25 for it, as they only had hardcover. But my need for immediate gratification, despite reading 5 other books currently, had to be satisfied.

I read the book in about three or four sittings. I read over 60 pages the first night I got it. I put quotes from the first chapter on my business Facebook page. That …