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May 21

Are You Even Being?

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In existential philosophy, and therapy, there is the idea of being, as opposed to non-being. Some existentialists (Rollo May, in particular) believed people were often detached from themselves as well as the world around them, and this resulted in non-being. This post will not only discuss being detached, but also how the way we treat others can lead to this feeling of non-being.

There are three ways people can become alienated from themselves or the world: “separation from nature, lack of meaningful interpersonal relations, and alienation from one’s authentic self.” (Fiest, …

May 6

Review- Modern Romance

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I bought this book on the recommendation of my daughter. I want to begin by saying I’m not a big fan of Aziz Ansari. I did watch his show, “Master of None” on Netflix, and thought it was good. But even with that, I can take him or leave him.

With that said, I loved the book. As most of you know, I struggle with relationships. I struggle even more dating. While being single or somewhat single for the better part of a year, maybe I hoped the book would help. I don’t think it helped me. It did, however, explain some things in psychological terms that increased my understanding, and as …

May 2

Review-What Every Body Is Saying

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I read this book because someone I know talked about it, and it sounded interesting. I already know a good amount about body language, being a therapist and having taught Interpersonal Communication. But there is always more to learn.

I didn’t love the book. The most common thing I said when talking about the book was that I felt my 12-year-old could read it. It bored me a good deal. Additionally, I felt all the scenarios, especially in the beginning, where a bit self-aggrandizing. This was a bit of a turn-off for me, but at the same time the author is a respected teacher of reading body language. I wondered how else …