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April 19

Incentivizing Lying

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I write a good deal about self-deception. This post, however, will focus on the deception of others. Most people abhor deception. Yet, to some extent, everyone does it. A study indicated most subjects lied on average one or two times a day (Bhattacharjee, Y., 2017). It seems dishonesty has become more prevalent, and perhaps more tolerated.


Nine years ago I wrote on my personal blog about dishonesty (Dishonesty and “I Love You Man”). I had recently caught two students cheating on an exam. It was the first time that had happened (I had only been teaching a year or so at the time). In the time since, …

April 9

Review: Against the Stream

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A good while ago a former student recommended this book to me. I logged it in the back of my mind, but have been into Brad Warner’s writing of late. (He is another Buddhist author). I thought I had finished all of Warner’s books, and purchased it. It sat on my shelf with other books I purchased and intend to read for a couple of months. Then a few clients and colleagues, in an act of interesting synchronicity, started talking about Refuge Recovery. (Refuge Recovery is a program of Buddhist based addiction recovery meetings). I went to their website, and low and behold, the founder is Noah Levine, the author of …