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August 6

Everything is Easier on Paper

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easier on paper
The title might seem commonsensical, but it is rare that people remember it when they are judging themselves harshly. Since I put a lot of words on paper (this is my 108th post), I think it is time to explicitly state that practicing anything is more difficult than it seems in one’s head.

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August 6

Review: The Denial of Death

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Ernest Becker’s Pulitzer Prize winning work, “The Denial of Death” kept creeping into my life. I’d see references to it and quotes from it. I decided, as an existentialist, I had to read it.

I absolutely loved the beginning of the book. And by “the beginning” I mean at least the first part. Part 1, “The Depth Psychology of Heroism”, encompasses the first 93 pages of the book and lays out his theory. I love how Becker exalts Freud for his recognition of our ceatureliness (sex and aggression as our main drives) but points out how he came up short in his theory, ignoring our fear of death, perhaps because of his …