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January 28

Review: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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I started this book in November, when I also started a Zen book. I added a relationships book that had been recommended to me in December. Of those three books, surprisingly to me, this is easily my favorite. Perhaps that is evident as I finished it first.

It may not be a surprise to my readers that the topic of the book is death (one of my favorite topics). Caitlin Doughty handles the topic with humor but doesn’t shy away from any aspect of the it. Some of the book is her experiences working at a crematory. Some is a journey into her psyche. Some of the book is an education on …

January 28

Emotions Are Important, But Not So Much

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Artwork by William Berry and Alexi Berry Artwork by William Berry and Alexi Berry

Emotions drive us, perhaps more than we would like to admit. In fact, the philosopher Hume postulated that we are more influenced by our feelings than by reason. We may not even be aware of how much our emotions influence us. But if one can accept that emotions play an unconscious role and would like to make more rational decisions and decrease the impact of emotion, this post may help.

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