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June 21

Is Your Personality Congruent?

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Artwork by Alexi Berry Artwork by Alexi Berry

I recently finished the book, “The Happiness Hypothesis” by Jonathan Haidt. I loved the book, and highly recommend it. I used his analogy of the logical brain as a rider on the elephant (one’s drives and emotional brain) in my previous post, “How to Control Your Mind”. In this post I address another interesting topic he raised, the three levels of personality and the need for congruence.

Haidt focuses on the work of Dan McAdams who suggests there are three levels to personality, but psychology has largely focused on the basic traits, which are the lowest level (p.142). What psychology has deemed as …

June 13

Review- Can’t Hurt Me

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A good while ago a friend bought me a copy of David Goggin’s book, “Can’t Hurt Me”. Within a few pages I was turned off of the book. It took me a long while to read it. Some may wonder why I didn’t put it down and forget about it. I’m not entirely sure. Some of it was likely a feeling of obligation to the friend that gave it to me. Some an obligation I generally feel to finish books. Some was likely hoping to find some redeeming quality in it.

It took a long time to finish because honestly, there were times the negative faces I made at his tone were …

June 6

Review: The Happiness Hypothesis

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I’ve been struggling reading recently, or at least since, “Everything is F*cked”. I hadn’t finished a book since, despite having several started and waiting. I finished that book in September. That’s nearly nine months without finishing a book. I gave up on “The Divided Self”. I really couldn’t follow it, despite it being reviewed as such an excellent book. That happened with another classic existential book, “The Ethics of Ambiguity”. Maybe I’m not as smart as others give me credit for.

This book changed my drought. I started and finished it in about two months. I absolutely loved it. I’ve been raving about it in classes and sessions and in general conversation. …