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August 31

Review- Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite

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Have you ever wondered why you are so complicated?

I just finished Robert Kruzban’s, “Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite. I absolutely loved it. I was actively reading three books (and had another two or three started but put aside) when I began it. Within a short period I read it exclusively until I was finished.

Those who are the least bit familiar with me know two things about me: I believe mindfulness is the cure to almost everything, and I think the human mind is full of shit. A few years ago I took a Coursera course called, Buddhism and Psychology. There I was introduced to the modular theory of the mind …

August 20

Life is Hard

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Artwork by Alexi Berry Artwork by Alexi Berry

As someone who writes I often jot down ideas. Sometimes I make something of them right away, other times they get buried behind “better” ideas. This post is an idea that was buried. A good while ago I read Simon Rich’s “Sell Out”. (The story was recently made into a film called “An American Pickle” starring Seth Rogen and reminded me of the idea for this post). It’s the story of a man who 100 years ago was preserved alive in pickle brine and is revived to find his only relative is his great-great-grandson, Simon Rich. (I recommend reading the story, it …