May 21

Are You Even Being?

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Photo Credit Alexi Berry

In existential philosophy, and therapy, there is the idea of being, as opposed to non-being. Some existentialists (Rollo May, in particular) believed people were often detached from themselves as well as the world around them, and this resulted in non-being. This post will not only discuss being detached, but also how the way we treat others can lead to this feeling of non-being.

There are three ways people can become alienated from themselves or the world: “separation from nature, lack of meaningful interpersonal relations, and alienation from one’s authentic self.” (Fiest, Feist and Roberts, p.323). Many may feel they are not disconnected in any of these ways, but existentialists believe, “alienation is the illness of our time.” (Fiest, Feist, and Roberts, p.323).

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