November 28

Mindful Social Media Use

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Photo by Alexi Berry

Photo by Alexi Berry

Over six years ago, the focus of one of my blog posts was the effect of social media on mental health (Facebook: Demon or Savior). Recently, in listening to a podcast the topic again became relevant, and this post will revisit the phenomenon of social media and its effects.

In a search of periodicals for titles related to social media and its effects, the vast majority focused on detrimental effects to well-being (Brooks, S., (2015), achievement (Ali Aljabry, A. M.,, 2017), family life (√úNAL, S. 2018), and social life (Ali Aljabry, A. M.,, 2017). Some focused on how to harness the power of social media and technology to improve social awareness (Doo-Hun Choi & Dong-Hee Shin, 2017) and disaster responsiveness (Houston, J. B., et. al., 2015).

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