May 14

Another Meditative Experience

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Two things:
I’ve been happier and more serene than I have ever been. When I describe how I feel to people I say it’s like the feeling when you fall in love, but there is no object of my affection. They usually say, “So you’re in love with yourself” emphatically. My answer is, no, I’m in love with life. I’ve attributed this to reading “Buddha’s Brain” and practicing some of the exercises therein. I also attribute it to meditating. (And apparently, as I just reread in my blog “Happy Days“, to my general philosophy of life, which meditation has helped define).
This brings me to point two: meditation can change your life. I don’t want to hear you can’t, because that’s bullshit. I can’t either. As I’ve said in other forums I suck at it. My mind wanders. This morning doing Metta meditation I was all over the place. But just keep trying. One thing I’ve been doing recently that has helped was to create space in my mind. I imagine myself clearing away all of the thoughts I’ve been having. Imaginatively pushing the boundaries of my mind out, so there is nothing but expansive space. When I have achieved thoughtlessness in meditation this is what it feels like: Expansive space, endless energy, love, excitement.
It is sort of like Emmet’s mind in the Lego Movie (though it was viewed as negative there).
Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t keep this feeling. In fact, the past couple of days I’ve been in a bit of a rut. But I keep coming back to mindfulness, practicing being present, and get out of the rut for moments, or a little while, or today, for the most part.
Another thing that has helped is my focus on love and loving-kindness. Taking your ego out of the mix and just wanting to be loving is incredibly helpful.

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