November 14

Disrespecting Marriage

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gay marriage

I suppose this is a good topic to follow my last blog on opinions, as it is my opinion on gay marriage. Well, maybe it’s not my opinion on gay marriage as much as it is my opinion of the right not to “respect” the sanctity of marriage.

If you’ve read my stuff in the past, you know that for the majority of the population, I believe marriage is an outdated concept. Recently I have been talking to a friend who has similar views of marriage, and joking about our lack of respect for the institution.

Then this morning while driving to the office I thought about those conversations and about how it might make a blog. Then, while waiting for my first client, I came across this article on MSN about how gay marriage, marijuana, and trips to Cuba will be legal soon. That seemed like an excellent segue into this blog.

When my friend and I were discussing views of marriage, the discussion turned to our lack of respect for the institution. In fact, as most of you know, I have been married more than once. And, if I wanted to right now, I could go get married again, even just for fun. Granted, this would be quite silly. But I could do it. I could go to Vegas (or anywhere, but I love Vegas and its tawdriness) and get married, with no intention of respecting the marital vows or remaining with this person until death do us part. Often movies are made where people are intoxicated and end up married. Then there are the marriages that happen after only a few days, where people believe they know each other well enough to make that commitment. All of these marriages are condoned, legal, and binding. Yet a gay couple, who love one another and plan on remaining monogamous and trying as hard as any other couple to make the institution of marriage work for them, cannot be married.

In this country there is supposed to be a division between religion and government. Marriage is a legally binding contract. Of course, it can also be an institution supported by the church. But, in this country, it is also a legal institution. Why isn’t it treated so?

First, I’d like to provide some clarity. I am, as this article attests, for gay marriage. In fact, I’m for a lot of things the conservatives would find appalling. But perhaps more on that in later posts. For now, I just want to say that although my argument in this blog for gay marriage is based on the right not to have to respect the sanctity of marriage, it does not mean that I believe gay marriages disrespect the sanctity of marriage. But that is often the argument of those who oppose it.

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