December 31

How was your New Year?

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Art by Alexi Berry

Art by Alexi Berry

I figured I’d start with this question, which, according to my experience is one often asked of me for the first few weeks of the new year. And when I answer mindfully I reply “I don’t know, it just started.” I suppose my point is that although I am usually being asked about that one day / night we delineate to celebrate, I believe we should review the year, look at what has been accomplished, and set goals for the near future (the coming year). As this “old year” comes to a close, it is my intention to review my year, as well as to discuss some of my goals for the year to come.

When I look at what I accomplished this year, the first to come to mind is getting my workbook self published (I still haven’t sent the final draft off to publishers, but I will make that a goal for the new year). I am really happy with the final product (if anything is ever final) and those that have purchased it appear to be as well. Another accomplishment that comes to mind is in regard to teaching. In 2009 I taught 14 classes. Of those, at least six were courses I had not taught previously. That is a lot of reading.

As for writing, I published ten articles online. I also wrote 34 additional blogs on my site (not including this one). I started what I hope will be my next published book and feel I’m close to half done it.

Otherwise, my individual caseload increased, and my income can almost cover the money out-going. I passed the licensing exam, and completed the rest of the requirements to become a licensed healthcare professional. And as of checking my status online just last night, I accomplished my goal of being a licensed mental health counselor by the end of the year.

For the coming year I have at least equally lofty goals. I hope to complete the aforementioned book and at least have it out to a publisher. I plan on releasing excerpts on this site, so people get an idea of it. It is the most self-disclosing of my work thus far, so that is a little scary for me too. Along with that I hope to have the workbook picked up by a publisher. Teaching at FIU and Nova will hopefully remain part of my career path. I also hope to become a trainer who can provide continuing education credit to Certified Addiction Professionals.

Additionally my new website zeneveryman will launch in the next couple of weeks if not sooner. It will provide a quote for the day and some discussion of its relation to Zen. There will also be other features that are still being discussed. I’m really excited about its launch, and believe it will help keep me as well as its readers focused on spirituality. I’ve already started collecting some quotes as well as books which will be a resource for quotes.

Personally as always I want to improve my interpersonal relations. I want to be less reactive in relation to others, especially my children. I want to continue to strive for more spirituality, and to continue reading in that vain.

So in conclusion I have to say it was a very good year. And as for the one starting in a couple of days, I can only hope it as productive as this one.

I almost forgot, Best Wishes to everyone for a happy and productive new year.

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3 Responses to “How was your New Year?”

  1. Ariane on December 31st, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    I hope this coming year will be as productive and good as this past year has been for you. It seems to me that 2009 was filled with ups and downs but still ended on a great note for the most of us. I also think it’s wonderful you’ve been able to publish your workbook and I look forward to seeing your new site. Good luck with everything in 2010!

  2. William Berry on December 31st, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    Ariane, thank you for the comment and well wishes.
    How about you? I imagine you have accomplished quite a few things this year as well. And what of your goals for this year coming?
    Best wishes for you and a happy and productive new year.

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