December 7

Mindfulness Therapy Beats Antidepressant Medication in Preventing Depression Relapse

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Generally I don’t just present others articles on my site. But recently I was introduced to StumbleUpon, a site where you pick categories of interests, and the site randomly selects webpages for your viewing. Then, like Pandora, you “like” or “dislike” a site and stumbeupon, like Pandora, filters and selects sites for you. Generally I just post them on my Tumbr blog, Zeneveryman. But this article so fits my recommendations in my personal articles I felt it needed to be posted here as well.
Basically, this article provides some experimental proof of what I’ve been writing and recommending (such as the book “The Mindful Way Through Depression”). You can read it here.
The bottom line is that through fostering self awareness, and I the ability to sit with discomfort, people are having less relapses into their depression. This has been found to be more effective than remaining on their established medication regimen. I keep advocating Mindfulness as a powerful tool to produce more happiness, calm and serenity in your life, and this article seems to support that.

So what are you waiting for?  Start meditating today.

For my articles on meditation, click here, here, and here. You can also check out related articles on my Psychology Today Blog here.

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One Response to “Mindfulness Therapy Beats Antidepressant Medication in Preventing Depression Relapse”

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