October 19

Review: Seven Psychopaths

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I saw the movie “Seven Psychopaths” tonight, and had been anxiously anticipating taking the time to do so. I had read an excellent review, and my daughter also gave it a thumbs up.

The movie is excellent. The dialogue is funny and well written. The characters are excellent and not as run of the mill as might be expected in a shoot-em-up. The movie pokes fun at itself, while poking fun at the over the top violence we Westerners have come to love in our movies.

But what I found best about the movie is that each character, each psychopath, is struggling for connection. The mob boss with his dog, other characters with their friends. The wise old man of the movie, Christopher Walken, seems to have overcome his attraction to anger and violence, and perhaps wishes to lead everyone in that direction. In fact, the movie has the underlying message that violence isn’t the answer, that we need to strive for something more, something spiritual.

The fact that on a Friday night shortly after its release the theater wasn’t very full, might indicate that a great movie, with a great message and a hilarious way of telling it, might not reach many. Of course, it is still an American movie, with all the violence needed to attract an audience. I highly recommend it.

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