September 4

The Last Mask

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About a month or so ago I was asked by two very different authors to read and review their work. One is a novel, which I expect to review in several months (as my schedule isn’t permitting much leisurely reading time). The other was a short story called “The Last Mask” by Ray N. Kuili. It took me far too long to get to it. (you can purchase the short story on amazon by clicking the photo above or here.

Mr. Kuili came across my review of “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse on Goodreads and must have felt I’d enjoy his tale. He was correct. The story is about a businessman in a bar, who encounters a man who seems to be another business traveler. Since this other business traveler is more aware of Japanese etiquette, he offers the protagonist a few tips. But the education, despite the protagonist’s cynicism, doesn’t stop there.

The story, without wanting to ruin it for anyone, is about enlightenment. The author knows a thing or two about basic psychology, and weaves it into the story. So, as you might imagine if you know anything about me, with two of my favorite areas of study included, what was not to like? Beyond these obvious biases for the story, I also found much of what is presented in line with what I often write about.

If you’re anything like me, every once in a while you read something you wish you had written; it resembles your beliefs / thoughts / maybe even aspirations so much you feel it could have come from you (though I am certainly not a talented fiction writer). Therefore, how could I not recommend this story? I highly recommend it and would love to discuss it with anyone so inclined.

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