April 28

Buddha’s Brain

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I’m not sure who I am writing this review for. Just about everyone who knows me or has come in contact with me recently has heard me speak of the wonders of this book. I’ve recommended it to all of my students, all of my friends, most of my clients (if they are receptive to this type of reading) and have used some of the techniques and education in therapy.
This book was recommended to me by a student. As I had watched some of Rick Hansen’s videos on YouTube, I was a bit arrogant and felt I had the knowledge necessary and didn’t need to read the book. Besides, I had many other books I wanted to read! Regardless, I purchased the book for a couple of students in a training group I run for the holiday, and bought a copy for myself as well. The two training group students talked about how good it was, and I began reading. I was a convert shortly thereafter.
I read a couple of other reviews on Goodreads, and found many others who perceived the book as I did. Many said what an easy read it is, and I agree. Never has brain science been so palatable to me. There were also a few dissenters.┬áThe dissenters often found the material to be generally known. I agree. Generally speaking, I knew a good amount of what was in the book (teaching psychology I’m familiar with some of the biological aspects of the brain and its function). But regardless of this, the way in which the material is presented helps the reader to cement the idea that the mind, controlled thinking, can alter the brain. In so doing, creating new neurological pathways can change the way you think.
I can’t say enough positive about this book. I’ve probably sold more copies of it through recommendations than I have my own book. The student who recommended it said it changed her life. I would say it changed me.

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