December 25

Existential Psychotherapy

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It’s been more than 6 months since I reviewed a book. And this book had been shelved for 7 months, in favor of other reading. The truth is, the size is intimidating. Four-hundred and eighty-six pages. A friend recently told me she bought it on my recommendation, but hasn’t begun it as it is intimidating.

That gives away the review. I loved the book. I was recommending it before I finished it, which I took my time with to savor. I enjoyed reading it immensely. This despite the fact it challenged some of my well-established beliefs. There are also a couple of things I thought a stretch, as the author (my favorite author, Irvin Yalom) fits every mental health issue into death anxiety. However, the majority of the book I relished reading. The insights, the advice to therapists, the philosophy of life, all resonated with me.

I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in how the issues everyone encounters, called existential issues, such as knowing we will die, freedom, feeling isolated in existence, and meaninglessness, can be materialize and be addressed in therapy. I really can’t say enough positive about it. At one point my girlfriend looked at the girth of the book and said, “It looks like a bible. Is it your bible?”. I replied, “yes, it is.”

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