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Metamorphisis Review

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For months this book has come up on my “Recommended” feed from Amazon. After reading an excerpt, I had no idea why nor any desire to read it, despite Amazon’s seeming insistence. After a peer mentioned the book, I relayed the story to him. He asked if I read existential works, and when I replied affirmatively, he said that’s why. I then sought out the book.

I finished it in two days (not such an admirable task, as it is only about 50 pages). But I read it so quickly because I found it truly engaging. Reading it with the idea of existentialism, I found many layers of existential meaning (though not as profound as “The Stranger”). But most of all I was engaged because of the writing. Kafka brilliantly narrates the book. In fact, I thought I might never look at a cockroach the same again (but I killed one shortly after finishing, so I guess there wasn’t such a metamorphosis for me). The book is almost lyrical. I was drawn in, connected to characters, and wondering what the outcome would be.

In reading other’s reviews, I learned many hated it having been forced to read it in high school. I actually wish I had a group (though likely not high school students nor myself at that age) who read it simultaneously and would discuss their impressions with me. However, this is not the case, and likely I’ll let my opinion go at it being beautifully written, with perhaps illumination of several existential issues.

I recommend the book, if only for the fact I wish I could write as articulately, metaphorically, and descriptively.

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