January 1

Review-Acceptance, Mindfulness, and the Psychodynamic Revolution

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“Acceptance, Mindfulness, and the Psychodynamic Evolution” was given to me by the publisher to review. I used this book more times than I can count (at least 8!), in presentations, Psychology Today posts, and other writing. It has proven very valuable to me in this regard.

The book is a compilation (edited) of writings on how psychodynamic therapy is currently, and always has, used aspects of acceptance and mindfulness in its approach to therapy. Acceptance and mindfulness are relatively new, and fashionable, approaches to psychotherapy. I’ve been an advocate for years, having read a good deal on eastern philosophy and using both aspects to improve my perception and life overall.

The writers argue, at least in the first section of the book, that these elements have always been a part of psychoanalysis. The latter part of the book focuses more on how some of the modern uses of these approaches (Acceptance and Commitment training) can be combined with psychodynamic therapy. The arguments are scholarly written, and seem to be written for the therapist at least, and the psychodynamic therapist at most. I don’t foresee this book being read the casual reader. It is certainly more geared toward therapists and those interested in applying these techniques in therapy. I certainly recommend it as such.

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