June 13

Review- Can’t Hurt Me

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A good while ago a friend bought me a copy of David Goggin’s book, “Can’t Hurt Me”. Within a few pages I was turned off of the book. It took me a long while to read it. Some may wonder why I didn’t put it down and forget about it. I’m not entirely sure. Some of it was likely a feeling of obligation to the friend that gave it to me. Some an obligation I generally feel to finish books. Some was likely hoping to find some redeeming quality in it.

It took a long time to finish because honestly, there were times the negative faces I made at his tone were ridiculous, especially considering I was home alone. For those unfamiliar with Goggins, he’s a now retied Navy Seal who is an anomaly physically. The idea of his book is how you can overcome your mind, how your capable of so much more than you believe. And he demonstrates it. He’s an ultramarathon runner whose won races, he’s overcome a lot of physical adversity, and he’s held the world record for pull-ups in a 24-hour period.

The drawback for me is the book comes off as self-aggrandizing. I said to those I’ve discussed it with that I probably would have liked it better if someone else had written it. Though I agree his childhood was horrible, hearing him describe it when I’m a therapist and have heard worse from clients who sound less dramatic, was off-putting. And though I agree his accomplishments prove him an outlier physically, for some reason I couldn’t get past the tone, which to me, sounded aggrandizing. However, not everyone shared my view. Two people I spoke with seemed surprised at my reaction. Perhaps my dislike for his tone is a projection of my own fear of being self-aggrandizing.

I have used some of his mindset. Like Goggins I am harsh on myself when training, calling myself names I cannot put in print when I want to quit or quit short of my goals. Like Goggins I believe in the power of the mind, and that it is our mind that limits us physically. Though I have no intention of pushing myself a quarter as far as he has, there is a lot of merit in his message.


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