March 23

Review- Conquest of Mind

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I ordered several books for my trip to Japan, to read on the long flight. None of them arrived, and I resorted to taking one from a client-donated shelf of books in my office. (This despite having four books I’m currently reading). It was the title that grabbed me, “Conquest of Mind” by Eknath Easwaran.

The book is excellent. Sure, there are parts where I think he goes on too long with personal anecdotes to make his point, but who doesn’t? It’s also clear he sees meditation as the cure for all matters of the mind, and he’s pretty passionate about that. So if you hate meditation you probably won’t like that aspect.

But the book is full of practical ways to tame your mind. He uses selected teachings of Buddha, laid out in practical terms and techniques, to overcome the conditioning that most people believe they are. Of course I love the book, his beliefs about the mind, conditioning, and our ability to overcome it are the same as mind. Beyond that, he offers practical suggestions on ways to combat it that are certainly useful.

It’s also a short book, and those that know me know I love that. I love books that are easy to get through. I’ve already recommended this book to several people, and lent it (as the former client intended) to a client who likes what I was saying its about. It won’t surpass “Buddha’s Brain” as my number one, but it is an excellent complimentary volume in the quest for enlightenment, or just a quieter, more peaceful, mind.

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