October 14

Review- Creatures of a Day

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I bought this book about two months ago; with an Amazon gift card my son gave me. It sat on my “to read” shelf for almost that full two months, as I’m reading several other books in between work demands (teaching, preparing seminars, revamping my online course). Once I picked it up it took about two weeks to read, with all of the other demands. This is a testament to how much I loved it.

It’s pretty safe to say I love Irvin Yalom’s work, period. This book is another example of how astute and amazing he is as a writer period, and how educational and engaging he is as a writer of the art of therapy, especially. The book is 10 more stories of psychotherapy (as is “Love’s Executioner”). These stories, unlike “Love’s Executioner”, are over the course of one (in some cases) or a couple (in other cases) sessions of therapy. The characters and the stories are thoroughly engaging. There wasn’t one story I wasn’t engrossed in.

As someone who loves existential psychology, this is yet another of Yalom’s books I’ll recommend to those similarly minded. I don’t know how those who don’t love psychology or therapy would respond to this book or any of his writing, but I can’t imagine anyone who loves psychology being the least bit disappointed in this book.

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