May 27

Review: Don’t be a Jerk

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I found this an excellent book. Perhaps it’s because much of what Brad Warner wrote I agree with, or believe, or have picked up in other books about Zen. Perhaps some of my fondness for the book comes from his shattering of the Zen Master image (though he would never call himself such…but the back-cover of the next of his books I will read does… Zen koan or publisher choice?). He takes what is reputed as a tough sacred text (Dogen’s Shobogenzo) cuts through some of the nonessentials, and presents it in modern language. This makes for a more entertaining (and sometimes awakening) read.

Much of what Warner interprets from Dogen is what I write (Think Buddha, Be Buddha, You’re Already Enlightened) so the ideas are obviously familiar to me. He works through some much tougher material, often offers others interpretations of vague or ambiguous lines from Dogen, and gets to the spirit of Zen teaching. I highly recommend the book (or the one I read years ago, “Hardcore Zen”) enthusiastically.

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